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This means that if I have a controlling nature, it is a thread that runs throughout my entire life, inside and outside the classroom.
BB&T operates the second largest depository institution in the market, controlling deposits of $262.6 million, representing approximately 25.7 percent of market deposits.
In contrast, for gift tax purposes, the value of closely held stock transferred during life depends on, among other things, what the donee receives (e.g., a noncontrolling or controlling interest).
The Navy is interested in using smart materials, such as magnetoelastic ribbons, for designing quieter submarines, controlling vibrations, detecting motion, and improving tracking and pointing devices.
Even if FASB does pass the new standard, CPAs will still have to deal with the enormous complexity of consolidating an entity into the accounts of the controlling entity in much the same way they do now.
Consequently, a MID will not be disallowed solely because a transferred interest, when aggregated with interests held by family members, would be part of a controlling interest.
Monitoring and controlling temperatures during heating in infrared or hot-air ovens is possible by measuring product temperature itself, rather than measuring air or heater temperatures.
Discharger valve can be used on new and existing silos, discharging and controlling the flow of solids from storage, or as a prefeeder for accurate gain-in-weight and loss-in-weight feeder systems and for automatic filling or packing lines.
In addition to controlling temperatures, it stops leaks, improves part quality, and reduces cycle times.
K 2004 was the first show at which visitors could see a capacitance gauge actually controlling a barrier film line.
Weight-belt feeders for controlling free-flowing pellets and granules are advantageous where low headroom is problem, or when feeding friable materials.
Also new are the Multi DAQ universal signal conditioner for monitoring and controlling injection machines.