controlling factors

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The controlling factor was that they could not stay where they were--they had to go somewhere.
In addition to geophysical surveys, the company is also employing satellite imaging technology to conduct a regional-scale structural analysis of the Portage property in order to better understand the controlling factors of kimberlite emplacement.
IDC/LINK believes consumer preferences for one brand, a particular category of carrier, or prejudices held from previous associations, are critical controlling factors for the growth or shrinkage of service providers' market share.
Three work programs are designed, and a number of breakthroughs beyond state-of-art research are expected, which include i) proof-of-concept of the innovative iNanoEOR, ii) developing a new methodology for temperature measurement inside a reservoir, iii) revelation of the influence of NPs on EOR under reservoir-like conditions, iv) understanding the controlling factors in NP transport at different scales.
Coroner Oliver Longstaff said: "It is very sad when comparatively young men get their lives into such a state that alcohol and drugs become controlling factors in their lives.
Among the topics are controlling factors of hydrocarbon accumulation and optimization of favorable block for both flanks of the Putaohua Reservoir in the southern Daquing placanticline, optimizing control parameters with switching operation mode on hybrid brake systems for electric vehicles, an experimental study of double truss cable supporting system of coal roadways in the isolated coal pillar and fold region, a system for monitoring and controlling transfusions based on wireless communication, a system to monitor stand-along photovoltaic power generation, and video processing based on an artificial fish swarm algorithm.
15) Controlling factors that influence voluntariness include persuasion, manipulation and coercion to participate in research.
The authors also note the potential value of using animal models: A number of traits can be measured in nonhuman species and controlling factors such as diet and environment may improve understanding in how these traits impact health directly.
It is far from conclusive that omega-3s are a red herring, as it were, in a greater set of controlling factors promoting cardiovascular health.
Building upon research at one pilot site, additional mechanistic studies are conducted into controlling factors for odorant removal.
Ideal for use with a wide range of food items, including bakery products, cooked meats and dairy goods, each KP machine is simple to set up and use, and features a compact control box with digital display and five programmable memories, for monitoring and controlling factors such as label stop, label placement position, label length and missing label detection.
It is unlikely that they will be very enthusiastic about modifying the controlling factors as long as physicians' and cardiologists' incomes continue to increase.