controlling factors

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The controlling factor was that they could not stay where they were--they had to go somewhere.
In a study, conducted on 90 women with type 2 diabetes, these life threatening conditions were found even after controlling factors such as age, diabetes duration, depressive symptoms, and distress.
03 Contract Award Notice or call off from a framework (below OJEU threshold): The aim of this project is to collate evidence on effective controlling factors that can be utilised during the cheesemaking process, particularly with respect to competing microflora, to support predictive modelling and validation of the food business operators processes to contribute to the delivery of FSS~s strategy aimed at reducing the incidence of foodborne illness in Scotland.
Controlling factors which should prevent the growth and toxin production of Clostridium botulinum have been called into question at the manufacturers.
Coroner Oliver Longstaff said: "It is very sad when comparatively young men get their lives into such a state that alcohol and drugs become controlling factors in their lives.
Among the topics are controlling factors of hydrocarbon accumulation and optimization of favorable block for both flanks of the Putaohua Reservoir in the southern Daquing placanticline, optimizing control parameters with switching operation mode on hybrid brake systems for electric vehicles, an experimental study of double truss cable supporting system of coal roadways in the isolated coal pillar and fold region, a system for monitoring and controlling transfusions based on wireless communication, a system to monitor stand-along photovoltaic power generation, and video processing based on an artificial fish swarm algorithm.
11:00 Controlling Factors of Submersed Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) in
Building upon research at one pilot site, additional mechanistic studies are conducted into controlling factors for odorant removal.
Ideal for use with a wide range of food items, including bakery products, cooked meats and dairy goods, each KP machine is simple to set up and use, and features a compact control box with digital display and five programmable memories, for monitoring and controlling factors such as label stop, label placement position, label length and missing label detection.
The mode of exposure, the infectiousness of the source patient, and the susceptibility of the infected person appear to be the 3 controlling factors that affect the risk of transmission.
Why the heart goes into this rhythm is unknown but there is a fine balance in the body between the system's controlling factors such as heart rate and blood pressure.
So those are the controlling factors of the release.