controlling force

See: main force
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He used to say that the horrible hue and surface of her crape dress was most likely the sufficient controlling force.
When her old self can be manifest without any controlling force subduing or restraining her, or inciting her to action.
At Cambridge he assimilated two of the controlling forces of his life, the moderate Puritanism of his college and Platonic idealism.
The reader must interpret each text and avoid distraction from the interspersed flirtatious text messages from the 2039 lovers, as well as random computer items apparently delivered by a controlling force which is never explained.
Formalskii explores systems that require a certain degree of control in order to behave in a desired way, that is, systems that are unstable if no controlling force is affecting their motion.
Time is a controlling force that makes flowers wither.
This is kind of a new paradigm where we're controlling force in a highly dynamic situation.
A magnetic base facilitates mounting and includes a shutoff valve for controlling force and flow.
My mother-in-law in Poland is often, like us, moaning about the controlling stance the EU is taking with Poland now and she feels they have swapped one controlling force [Communism] with another [EU].
BHP's offer for Rio, now worth about [pounds sterling]50 a share, would be the world's second-biggest takeover and create a $317bn company with a massive controlling force across a range of commodities such as copper, aluminium, iron ore and coal.
Interjections via a projected image suggest some sinister controlling force is messing with the minds of the cast, and what a cast it is.
THUNDERING water or a bursting dam in your dream can be associated with a controlling force from within the dreamer.