controlling influence

References in classic literature ?
In half an hour more Magdalen had changed her dress; had joined the guests; and had soared into an atmosphere of congratulation high above the reach of any controlling influence that Miss Garth could exercise.
Epigenetics, as a growing health care field, has proven that we can have a controlling influence over our health.
DEAN Whitehead will be a vital controlling influence for Huddersfield Town this season.
The Egyptian military has been in either direct control or had controlling influence over Egypt since the Free Officers' Movement seized power in 1952.
Elsewhere, Lauren starts to worry about Rain's controlling influence over Amber, and things go terribly wrong for Susan when she falls down a hole at night and is knocked unconscious.
Much may depend on the controlling influence of former Cardiff man Ceiron Thomas at fly-half.
The eighth edition of this long-established title focuses in particular on Barack Obama and his administration, and more generally, as with previous editions, on the individuals, companies, institutions and civic groups that have a controlling influence on American society and politics.
In the year since his election Bob Jones knows only too well that he is not a controlling influence over police excesses, but their lackey.
His controlling influence over the team has made him the outstanding player in his position.
Dobbins though clarified he believes Pakistan does not have a controlling influence on the Taliban, but does enjoy more influence than others.
In the hands of totalitarian regimes, this represented an enormous controlling influence with implications for personal liberty and the diversity of community culture.