controlling power

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The company Spokesman said IESCO Chief Chaudhry Shahid Iqbal appreciated the efforts of all field formations including M and T, Surveillance and operational officers and staff for controlling power theft.
He said that the wise option for the government was to take strong measures for controlling power theft instead of raising power tariff.
Tenders are invited for Repairing and maintenance of 5 nos 3.3kv grade, 400amp, Ocbs of different types and make (a) 3.3kv, 400amp, Ocb for controlling power sunday bazar colony p&m no.
Regarding controlling power theft and line losses, the officials said that the Lesco during its anti-theft drive has disconnected power supply to some villages falling in the jurisdiction of Rachna Town subdivision in Ferozewala, as the majority of residents failed to pay their bills of almost five years amounting to Rs6 million.
It introduces and explores a number of engineering and economic matters involved in planning, operating, and controlling power generation and transmission systems in electric utilities.
1 : ruling or controlling power : sovereignty <.
for its long-shelf-life milk, "had abandoned a sound expansion strategy for an obscure and misleading financial scheme that preserved the controlling power of the founder's family," The Conference Board found.
The footswitch is capable of controlling power only, irrigation only, or both power and irrigation.
Money, we once agreed, gave the owner, the capitalist, the controlling power in the enterprise.
The 280bhp GT-R has a computerised system controlling power delivery to all four wheels according to cornering forces and traction.
In the power of her meals, Tita confronts and resists her mother's controlling power and works her own sort of justice against the cruelty of her sister, reminding us that genuine love does not tolerate subjegation or abuse and offers fierce resistance to injustice.
Yet even as it celebrates decentered discourses, multiple authorship, and multiple linearities, it still retains and extends the controlling power of the individual reading subject.