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They warned it would result in outrage and protests across the world if the Muslim countries would not take the US presidents' controversial decision seriously.
Speaking to ANI, Ram Singh said, "The controversial picture was shared on the minor boy's social media account.
We won't let controversial ones eat up all our time that we forget processing pet or priority bills which are non-controversial.
The RSS, thereafter, gave green signal to the government to take action against leaders who indulge in making controversial statements, it said.
Other controversial teachings of the guru include his bigoted stance against homosexuality, claiming that such people are not even human beings.
Fabrice Tourre is accused of misleading clients over a controversial mortgage deal.
Furthermore they tend to be uncertain spenders, having little brand loyalty and short-term wants (Pendergast, 2009), It is believed that all these characteristics of the two cohorts will help articulate attitude of Malaysians towards controversial advertising.
Expanded Thoughts on Why Jim Crane May Become MLB's Most Controversial Owner (http://bizofbaseball.
Members of the European Parliament voted for the three-year amnesty in an amendment to the common agricultural policy (CAP) simplification report to ensure farmers had time to bed in the controversial scheme.
Most controversial films: 1 The Life of Brian, 2 A Clockwork Orange, 3 The Last House on the Left, 4 The War Game, 5 Pink Flamingos.
The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council has issued new guidance on how to manage controversial material in public libraries.
1984 Nothing could have prepared him for his role in the most controversial television drama of the year, paedophile placed back into the community and struggling to control his vile urges.

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