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27) Since Fabri knew the differences between the various reforming camps better than any Catholic controversialist, it is unlikely that he genuinely believed that a direct, causal relationship existed between Luther and Hubmaier's alleged leadership in the Peasants' War.
The use of the sub-title 'the romance of a monk and a maid' echoes the titles of two pamphlets written by a New Zealand Roman Catholic controversialist in 1900 against the ex-priest Joseph Slattery and his ex-nun wife who toured the antipodes in that year, but Enright makes no mention of them: H.
And it is partnership, through Marketing Birmingham, which will engage the business community in promoting Birmingham, not professional controversialists.
However, most of the controversialists soon recognized it to be a product of Euler's pen.
They are controversialists, with a tendency to take extreme positions.
It had been allocated only 10 minutes for debate - meaning no contributions could be accepted from any controversialists who might want to speak from the floor.
Nope, after long consideration of the field and the conditions, this column has come to the admittedly controversial- but, hey, we're little controversialists here-conclusion that for the first time in ages the old orthodoxy and the many housewives who still follow it are going to come snarling back.
Academic controversy generates more light than heat when controversialists read the "research report" (rather than just the "executive summary") and when they seek guidance and critical comment before deriving conclusions.
He insists that as late as August 1786--when Washington wrote John Jay that his "sentiments and opinions" had been "neglected, tho' given as a last legacy in the most solemn manner"(4)--Washington was "following some way behind the active controversialists.
Too poor to make good TV, they've become professional controversialists.
If in That Christianity is from God Theodore had come close to reciting the Creed at this point in the argument, here in On the Confirmation of the Gospel he assembles a whole series of Christ's acts of human weakness, many of which were being used by Muslim controversialists in questions that took the form, "How can you claim for someone who did this [fill in the blank], that he is God?
At times, his chapters follow the routes of particular exile groups, but more often they follow the discursive logic and sometimes peculiar interests of the period's Catholic and anti-Catholic controversialists.