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Ian Bell struck 73 runs before being controversially dismissed lbw
Cosgrove slotted a pass from Paul Nugent home but the linesman controversially flagged for offside.
In the book Posner controversially ranks the top 100 intellectuals, by using the Internet to count the number of media mentions of anyone who commented on matters of general public concern between 1995 and 2000.
More controversially, WSTS expects the worldwide DRAM market to rebound this year, despite the fact that memory prices hit an all time low recently.
Moreover - and perhaps more controversially - he attributes involvement in the definition and practice of this poetics to the poems' authors themselves, proposing that "some early Italian poets composed their lyrics with an eye to the manuscript forms in which their poems would be copied and circulated" (xxi).
It demonstrated convincingly, but controversially, how political, economic, and labor market forces shape social responses to the mentally ill, mold psychiatric treatment philosophy, and influence the onset and course of one of the most common forms of mental illness.
Reaffirmation from federal officials that they will mail controversially explicit AIDS brochures to all U.
32 LEEDS snatched a sensational derby victory for the second time in five years at the Millennium Stadium when they were controversially awarded a penalty try three minutes from the end of a dramatic match.
TONY Cascarino might have stirred up the Second City rivalry by controversially claiming that Blues are closing in on Villa's crown in the Battle of Brum.
After the break, an offthe-ball tangle between Sean Gregan and Dave Martin resulted in the linesman controversially flagging for a penalty.