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To contest, deny, or take issue with.

A claim of reckless driving alleged in a plaintiff's complaint that initiates a lawsuit for Negligence is controverted by the statements made in the defendant's answer that he or she was driving at a speed below the speed limit and was observing the rules of the road.


verb abjure, abnegate, abrogate, answer conclusively, argue, argue the case, argue the point, attack, confute, contend against in discussion, contradict, contradict absolutely, contravene, counter, debate, defeat, deny, disaffirm, disagree with, disallow, disclaim, discuss, dismiss, disprove, dispute, give denial to, make a rejoinder, negate, oppose, overwhelm, rebuff, rebut, refellere, refutare, refute, repudiate
Associated concepts: controverted question of fact, controoerting plea
See also: answer, argue, bicker, challenge, collide, conflict, confront, contest, contradict, cross, debate, demonstrate, demur, deny, disaccord, disaffirm, disagree, disallow, disapprove, disown, disprove, dispute, gainsay, impugn, negate, object, oppose, oppugn, protest, rebut, refute, reject, reply
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This is significant since it means that courts will not disturb HPD's cited violations based upon its own fact-finding, even where those facts would appear to be controverted by experts, further expanding HPD's already broad discretionary powers.
Professionals offer such explanations not in terms of exclusively personal beliefs, but rather, in terms of accessible, albeit controverted, answers to the central questions of medical practice.
Because feasibility is almost always an issue in prescription products liability cases, courts adopting the majority approach will often re-characterize a defendant's arguments regarding feasibility in an effort to hold that feasibility is not controverted and that the feasibility exception has not been invoked.
told Yitzhak Shamir, then prime minister of Israel, that he had helped to liberate Auschwitz, had returned to Hollywood with film footage of the ghastly scenes he had witnessed, and if in later years anyone controverted the reality of the Holocaust over the Reagan dinner table, he would roll the footage till the doubts were stilled.
I must conclude that the purported justification for this needless limitation upon a time-honored, recognized method of advancing a controverted action to judgment is illogical and nonsensical," Lewis wrote.
Blaufarb's approach risks abstracting 'merit' from ifs social and political contexts, and this is a problem latent throughout this fine study: there is a teleology at play here that underrates the contingent and controverted nature of merit.
Bochner resisted showing the arrangements of blocks to which the photographs and diagrams referred, because their physical presence and fixity controverted the serial process of ordering that interested him most.
Why is the church so fearful of open and honest due process in controverted situations?
If the petition is not timely controverted by the debtor, the court will enter an order for relief against the debtor.
Their legislation calls for a flat 25 percent attorney's fees to an injured worker's attorney on controverted indemnity benefits, with no fee paid on medical benefits other than through a voluntary agreement with the medical provider.
A judicial recount failed to resolve the matter and an application was subsequently made under The Controverted Elections Act.
Le depouillement judiciaire n'ayant pas apporte de solution, une requete avait ete soumise en vertu de la Controverted Elections Act.