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To contest, deny, or take issue with.

A claim of reckless driving alleged in a plaintiff's complaint that initiates a lawsuit for Negligence is controverted by the statements made in the defendant's answer that he or she was driving at a speed below the speed limit and was observing the rules of the road.


verb abjure, abnegate, abrogate, answer conclusively, argue, argue the case, argue the point, attack, confute, contend against in discussion, contradict, contradict absolutely, contravene, counter, debate, defeat, deny, disaffirm, disagree with, disallow, disclaim, discuss, dismiss, disprove, dispute, give denial to, make a rejoinder, negate, oppose, overwhelm, rebuff, rebut, refellere, refutare, refute, repudiate
Associated concepts: controverted question of fact, controoerting plea
See also: answer, argue, bicker, challenge, collide, conflict, confront, contest, contradict, cross, debate, demonstrate, demur, deny, disaccord, disaffirm, disagree, disallow, disapprove, disown, disprove, dispute, gainsay, impugn, negate, object, oppose, oppugn, protest, rebut, refute, reject, reply
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Since the dividing line is maintained throughout, the temporal progression of the movement in the lower half is controverted by the spatial and temporal illogic of the upper: The "future" of the action is simultaneously consigned to the past.
Donne's own move from a Roman Catholic upbringing to eventual ordination in and full commitment to the (Protestant) Church of England is notably illuminated by his words in the Preface to Pseudo-Martyr: he first "surveyed and digested the whole body of Divinity controverted between ours and the Romane church" (cited, 251).
In his response to Taylor, Kenneth Grasso (chapter 2) wonders whether Taylor's opposition to such moral and spiritual reductionism--not an incredibly controverted position taken by itself--refects a deeper criticism of the moral norms on which Christians depend for sustenance.
However, the observations of Sklar, a revisionist neo-Marxist, have contested these over simplifications: 'The idea of foreign domination by proxy, through the medium of a clientele or dependent class, is controverted by a large body of evidence'.
As discussed below, these spare and seemingly obvious criteria are often controverted.
The bench said, " Earlier, it was said there were three PCR vans and no one controverted it but now you are saying there were two PCR vans.
As such, binding arbitration cannot be used in any family law case involving minor children even if the only controverted issue(s) seem to relate solely to the parents.
Ram Asrey Kushwaha, Samajwadi Party general secretary , the central governments decision will be controverted by his party to allow FDI in pension sector and increase the limit for insurance.
Where, as in Lohan's case, electronic monitoring multiplies the methods of punishment without changing systemic outcomes, the goals of criminal sentencing may be controverted.
Hotze's affidavit conclusively negates the element of actual malice as a matter of law because it is clear, positive, and direct, otherwise credible and free from contradictions and inconsistencies and capable of being readily controverted.
On the basis of a large body of empirical evidence from the sub-sectors, the hypothesis that links deindustrialization with globalization is controverted.
It is easy to understand that much of the content of this book is subject to being controverted.