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The controvertible role of kava (Piper methysticum G.
An interesting, and arguably controvertible, prelude to their discussion is their approval of the approach taken to statutory and literary interpretation of Charles Fried, whom they describe as 'the conservative at the Harvard Law School,' (9) no doubt intending to suggest that he is the only conservative in that venerable institution.
A consensualist approach, in contrast, reads the Constitution in a manner calculated to maximize the consent of the governed, viewing the Constitution as a standard form agreement between unequals, offered on a take-it-or-leave-it basis, and supported by only weak and controvertible proofs of assent.
This is controvertible in the case of the striking drawing, yet the underlying notion reemerged in a number of pieces, such as Martens's, that take place in the gray area between producing, documenting, and exploiting a situation.
Buttressing the above quotation, it is an in controvertible fact that societal sustainable development depends essentially on a solid family structure.
It is controvertible that a financial return is not, and should not be, the whole or main incentive to owning a racehorse, and that there are other benefits that arise from participation in the sport we love.
Dr Richard Lewis, Welsh secretary of the British Medical Association, said, 'There is in- controvertible evidence that passive smoking kills and yet it is still legal for tobacco smoke to be produced in enclosed public places to which the public has access.
Whether they, in fact, reflect controvertible (that is, value- or empirically based and hence challengeable) grounds for the approach, or whether they are only rationalizations (a kind of homage to dominant nonautonomist views of law) for an underlying belief system, for a deep view of what law is (like that of earlier doctrinalists), is hard to say.