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'The respondent failed to present controverting evidence to disprove the alleged unlawful acts of indiscriminate firing.
"Senator de Lima and Maria Ressa were charged with violation of Philippine laws, were given ample opportunity to present controverting evidence and were found to be probably guilty of the crimes charged.
In dismissing the case against Arroyo, the Pasay court said that after examining the documentary and testimonial evidence that the prosecution has presented in the more or less seven years of trial, it 'finds that the prosecution has failed to discharge its duty to prove the guilt of accused Arroyo beyond reasonable doubt, even in the absence of controverting evidence on the part of the accused.'
Victoria Tawili-Corpuz can submit controverting evidence to what I am sure the DOJ already has linking her with the terrorist group, the CPP-NPA," he continued.
'There is a necessity to conduct a preliminary investigation to give complainants opportunity to submit additional evidence in support of their complaint, and for the respondents to submit controverting evidence,' Odronia wrote.
"Wala pong controverting, walang kumontra sa mga 'yon dahil hindi nga nag-participate si Chief Justice (The allegations weren't controverted, they weren't debunked because the Chief Justice didn't participate)," the chairman said.
Corpuz can submit controverting evidence linking her with the terrorist group, the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army,' he said.
In resolving the issue, the SC said "the presumption that a mailed letter is received by the addressee in the ordinary course of mail is merely disputable and may be overturned by controverting evidence."
Victoria Tauli-Corpuz can submit controverting evidence to what I am sure the DOJ already has linking her with the terrorist group - the CPP-NPA,' he said.
28 where both the suspects are required to submit their counter-affidavit and controverting evidence.
The respondent's right to due process is accorded to him or her through the furnishing of a copy of the complaint, and an opportunity to submit a controverting affidavit and evidence.