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In contrast, the contempt power is 'uniquely liable to abuse,' in part because '[u]nlike most areas of the law, where a legislature defines both the sanctionable conduct and the penalty to be imposed, civil contempt proceedings leave the offended judge solely responsible for identifying, prosecuting, adjudicating, and sanctioning the contumacious conduct.
A) an act, omission, or contumacious conduct relating to any proceeding before OALJ that violates these rules, an applicable statute, an applicable regulation, or the judge's order or instruction; or
57) Nevertheless, the court also notes, "we believe the fine of an accused confined for contumacious conduct is not discharged regardless of how much confinement he serves; nor is an indigent accused's fine discharged if the fine enforcement provision is not transformed into punishment.
He asked the bench to try the adequate material to establish that there was no contumacious act on part of his client in obeying their orders.
engaged in a conspiracy to foil those rights, the contumacious behavior
In the above mentioned backdrop the apparent persistent, obstinate and contumacious resistance, failure or refusal of the Chief Executive of the Federation, i.
There commenced contumacious centuries--dynastic struggles, barons' wars against monarchs, peasants' revolts against barons, local risings against London, and intra-Christian disputes.
In short, in the face of mounting and now the conclusive evidence presented by the oil painting reproduced in this book, namely that the young king suffered from chronic, untreated gonorrhea, what can possibly justify the contumacious denial of the facts, first elaborated by the reactionary fascist historians of the Salazar period, and that still prevails in important sectors of Portuguese historiography, including, sadly enough, the author of this work?
43) Accordingly, when the original ICTY RPE was adopted in February 1994, Rule 77 empowered the tribunal to fine or imprison contumacious witnesses.
2d at 185 ("[Defendant] has engaged in contumacious bad faith scorched earth defense tactics in a blatant effort to prevent plaintiffs from proving their case against him.
That reflects rank ingratitude plus contumacious sinfulness on their part.
72) A serious conflict of interest, physical incapacity, gross incompetence, or contumacious conduct are the only kinds of things that will justify removing counsel who has an ongoing attorney-client relationship.