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At the very least it will hearten those who cannot bring themselves to deny that reading Homer or Shakespeare or Goethe has stretched their humanity more than any text the generations have accorded less respect to, and will strengthen the arm of those who contumaciously continue to read Pushkin as something other than a spokesperson for sexist prejudice based on historical constructs.
This chapter certainly serves to draw attention to two characteristics (whether or not they need reconciling with one another) of this body of poems; and the following one, '"Signes of the Times": Contesting Sothe', is a most informative exposition of what had transpired in the intervening years - particularly with regard to politico-ecclesiastical developments and the emergence of a distinctive Wycliffite discourse - to transform positions which in Piers are (albeit somewhat 'hardline') orthodox into contumaciously heterodox ones in the later texts.
1); Corinth has been perhaps too contumaciously dismissed, for the Cypselid family may have lingered on after the murder of the last tyrant (FGH 90 F60), just as there were Pisistratids at Athens after the expulsion of Hippias.
Again, a mystic sisterhood would contumaciously assert itself, as she met the sanctified frown of some matron, who, according to the rumor of all tongues, had kept cold snow within her bosom throughout life.
For contumaciously denying access to doctors our clients trust, we will file criminal, civil and administrative charges in all forums, including complaints in foreign bodies, against ruthless BJMP officials and guards.