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Their [two executed guards'] heads were stuck upon spears and led the procession, whilst the royal captives who followed in the train were slowly moved along amidst the horrid yells, and shrilling screams, and frantic dances, and infamous contumelies, and all the unutterable abominations of the furies of hell in the abused shape of the vilest of women (p.
To begin, then, it is crucial to read the grammar of his second description correctly: for it is specifically 'the vilest of women' who are doing the dancing, screaming, and yelling contumelies at the procession, not the mob in general.
George Sandys in 1610 describes the Jews of Palestine, who "in their owne countrey doe live as Aliens; a people scattered throughout the whole World, and hated by those amongst whom they live; yet suffered as necessary mischiefe: subjected to all wrongs and contumelies, which they support with an invincible patience.