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This close contact with the fracture and sharp edges of the bone likely contused the nerve, producing the clinically delayed palsy as the contusion developed and worsened over the next several days.
"Derivatives are different from, but often contused with, collateralized debt obligations, or CDOs, the bundled bad mortgages sold as securities by mortgage lenders and others," explained NCPA Senor Fellow David Grantham.
Renee Periat grew up as a young and contused tomboy in a small Californian coastal town with a population of around 600.
In addition to the directly wounded section of urethra, which was cut-off, the surrounding tissues where urethrourethrostomy had been performed were also contused and stricken by shockwaves.
Arriving doctors diagnosed a 27-year-old girl with a contused wound of the right ear, a bruised right cheek and fingers of the right hand.
More than half (57%) said a social-media blackout would increase their stress levels, and even more (60%) reported that they would be contused if someone failed to respond immediately to a text (18).
[1] He explained at the start of the article that he was entitled to an opinion, having spent time 'picking skull fragments out of the contused frontal lobes of a teenage rugby player'.
The examination of the airway tree showed contused anterior wall of the trachea 2.5cm above the carina [Figure 3].
Win rate, then, is not to be contused with payback percentage, which in this case would be 0%, 167%, and 333%, respectively.
Robotic assistance that encourages the generation of stepping rather than fully assisting movements is best for learning to step in spinally contused rats.
(1998) Neurotrophin-3 and brain-derived neurotrophic factor induce oligodendrocyte proliferation and myelination of regenerating axons in the contused adult rat spinal cord.
Unilateral 1 lobe was involved in 56(21%), bilateral 1 lobe in 56(21%), Less than 2 lobes bilateral in 22(8%) while Greater than 2 lobes bilateral were contused in 30(11%) of the patients