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CONTUSION, med. jurisp. An injury or lesion, arising from the shock of a body with a large surface, which presents no loss of substance, and no apparent wound. If the skin be divided, the injury takes the name of a contused wound. Vide 1 Ch. Pr, 38; 4 Carr. & P. 381, 487, 558, 565; 6 Carr. & P. 684; 2 Beck's Med. Jur. 178.

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Deeds of violence, brutalities, contusions, fractures; this is the work of the revolutions from Luther to Mirabeau.
The darkness, the presence of the dreaded witch-doctor, the pain of the contusions, with a haunting premonition of the future, and the fear of the hyenas combined to almost paralyze the child.
8 years old) was placed in the intensive care unit with the "severe brain contusion, epidural hematoma, hypovolemic shock," doctors say.
Earlier, a statement from Pakistan team management announced that Fakhar Zaman was ruled out of the match due to contusion to his thigh.
Scene of the Crime Operatives found no wounds, abrasions or any contusion to suggest foul play, she said.
Then, the patient underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), in which a lesion revealed long mixed signs on T1-weighted imaging (T1WI) and short signs on T2WI accompanied with bone contusion around it.
In the case with fracture of the left elbow joint there was an abrasion on the back of left elbow, the upper four ribs on left side were fractured on the back aspect and head showed contusion with lacerated wound on right side.
The injured man was transferred to Limassol general hospital where he was diagnosed with bone fractures, a lung contusion and a liver rupture.
sup][17] Posttraumatic pulmonary contusion could injure the small airways and damage capillaries and epithelial cells.
It's all fun and games until you go home with a grapefruit-sized contusion.
I have a friend who is a radiologist, so I had an MRI done that very day, and it showed a contusion of the posterolateral tibial plateau along with an effusion, but no torn ligaments or meniscus.
Epidermal damage secondary to a tangential or crushing force leaves an abrasion, whereas deeper dermal damage results in a contusion.