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CONTUSION, med. jurisp. An injury or lesion, arising from the shock of a body with a large surface, which presents no loss of substance, and no apparent wound. If the skin be divided, the injury takes the name of a contused wound. Vide 1 Ch. Pr, 38; 4 Carr. & P. 381, 487, 558, 565; 6 Carr. & P. 684; 2 Beck's Med. Jur. 178.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Both Sir Henry and Good were a mass of contusions, and I was by no means free.
Deeds of violence, brutalities, contusions, fractures; this is the work of the revolutions from Luther to Mirabeau.
The darkness, the presence of the dreaded witch-doctor, the pain of the contusions, with a haunting premonition of the future, and the fear of the hyenas combined to almost paralyze the child.
Some sprained shoulders, wrists, and ankles; livid contusions; wrenched harpoons and lances; inextricable intricacies of rope; shattered oars and planks; all these were there; but no fatal or even serious ill seemed to have befallen any one.
She was diagnosed brain trauma and minor brain contusion. Her condition is assessed as moderately grave.
1 person has a hand injury from rubber bullet and eye contusion. One person was was taken to emergency surgery.
In comparison with the pathological findings detected by MRI and age, as well as gender, patients with femur lateral condylar contusion were younger (33.6[+ or -]12.8 and 41.7[+ or -]13.9, p=0.003) and generally male (30 males and 16 females, p=0.001); there was no any significant association detected between other findings (p>0.05).
Tatum, who is the second top scorer for the Celtics this season with 15.9, went off with a shin contusion just six minutes into the game.
A 16-year-old boy sustained a contusion while two others had abrasions and puncture wounds.
The most common CT scan head finding in these patients were skull fractures (88 patients) followed by contusion (53 patients) (Table 2).
Justice's vehicle was dragged 174 feet from where was when he was hit, and he suffered broken ribs, a head contusion, back and neck injuries, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
It is frequently a result of the cardiac complications (myocardial contusion, atrial rupture, cardiac tamponade, etc.) after blunt chest trauma (1).