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Invited to become Lady Janet's guest (he had passed his holidays as a school-boy under Lady Janet's roof)--free to spend the idle time of his convalescence from morning to night in Mercy's society--the impression originally produced on him in a French cottage soon strengthened into love.
This board he had insisted on, in the convalescence from his Patagonian fever, and he had paid it strictly, though he had given up tobacco in order to be able to do it.
Anne's convalescence was long, and made bitter for her by many things.
During the convalescence of animals, we plainly see that great benefit is derived from almost any change in the habits of life.
As Buck grew stronger they enticed him into all sorts of ridiculous games, in which Thornton himself could not forbear to join; and in this fashion Buck romped through his convalescence and into a new existence.
Dunster, in this first stage of his convalescence, was perhaps difficult to please, for he did not like the look of the doctor, either.
She prescribed the drive in the carriage or the ride in the chair, and, in a word, ground down the old lady in her convalescence in such a way as only belongs to your proper-managing, motherly moral woman.
The bright sun, the brilliant green of the foliage, the strains of the music were for her the natural setting of all these familiar faces, with their changes to greater emaciation or to convalescence, for which she watched.
It was a divine spring, and the season contributed greatly to my convalescence.
I was not present at the time, but I understood that the subject of dispute was the amount of nourishment which it was necessary to give to assist Miss Halcombe's convalescence after the exhaustion of the fever.
During his 39-month convalescence, much of it in a body cast, he fought off life-threatening fevers, infections, blood clots in his lungs, pneumonia, and at one point his right kidney was removed.
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