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That's what convalescence does for you and I mourn its passing too.
Summary: Esmail will spend a short period of convalescence following the "successful surgery" before he returns to work
The source pointed out that Ismail is in well shape, and he will follow up some files during his convalescence.
My experience will have been mirrored many times by many patients and the loss of a local hospital facility for convalescence in a remote area as Coquetdale will be devastating for the community.
The Chief Minister further informed that surgeons were very happy about the Prime Minister's convalescence.
Dans l'entretien qu'il a accorde a Horizons, il parle de sa blessure, sa convalescence, son retour et de son avenir.
Contract notice: Construction of an assisted living facility together and a wellness center and convalescence on land in street dufossez 1-3 - 7140 morlanwelz.
THINKING back to when I started working in the CRI in 1959, the United Cardiff Hospitals consisted of the CRI, Llandough Hospital, William Nichole Convalescence Home (WNCH) and one other little known or remembered hospital in the Llandaff area called Lord Pontypridd Hospital.
This has increased their willingness to try various products, such as convalescence, which can aid them in the recovery process instead of relying on traditional recipes.
In addition to this, the plan offers first-of-its-kind lump-sum convalescence cash benefit that supports the policyholder all the way through recovery.
FOR many people Ropner Convalescence Home was a vital facility, as Middlesbrough woman Celia Truran described back in 2003.