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Our findings are in keeping with studies in the USA on convenience samples of paramedics and emergency physicians.
Nevertheless, a study examining online sexual behavior (Cooper, Scherer, & Mathy, 2001) showed that an Internet convenience sample and a random sample did not produce significantly different results.
The researchers acknowledge a number of study limitations, among them the use of a convenience sample of women in only 18 states, the lack of information about whether women had been offered a Pap test during the previous year, the facility-based recruitment strategy and the use of self-reported data on Pap testing.
If the sample is a convenience sample and not a true
The convenience sample issue is not limited to students.
The first of these samples consisted of a convenience sample of 94 family caregivers recruited from a rehabilitation hospital, a tertiary care stroke outpatient clinic, and six regional home-care services between 2000 and 2001 (convenience sample 1).
A convenience sample, comprising 51 consecutive cases of children attending the Cork University Dental School and Hospital for full mouth rehabilitation under GA, was selected.
Participants for the study included a convenience sample of 32 graduate (33.
A convenience sample of subjects with OSA, some with and some without bilateral edema, were enrolled from an inner city family practice in Cleveland, Ohio, and from a suburban family practice near Cleveland, Ohio, from July 1994 to March 2005.
The present study represents a convenience sample of students from specific classes from one fairly progressive and well funded school in South Texas.
assess whether daily chocolate intake affects sexual function in a convenience sample of Northern Italian women" (p.
For the first training group, participants were selected from a convenience sample of practicing school counselors by the posting of an invitation to participate on the district's school counselor listserv.