convenient time

See: timeliness
References in classic literature ?
One prince I know who makes up for all the rest, and more- how much more, if I ventured to say, perhaps I should stir up envy in many a noble breast; but let this stand over for some more convenient time, and let us go and look for some place to shelter ourselves in to-night."
Some tossed them unconcernedly down; others hid them carefully, asserting their plans to return for them at some convenient time. Men extricated themselves from thick shirts.
At first with his usual bashfulness he refused, but she insisted, and then every morning at a convenient time after breakfast she gave him an hour's lesson.
I will only beg you, at some convenient time, to let me mention the last discoveries that we have made; leaving it to your discretion, when Mr.
"Come," said D'Artagnan, who thought that it was now a convenient time to begin his interrogations, "dost thou know where Athos is?"
Short and easy as her tasks were, if done at all, they were slurred over, at any time and in any way; but generally at the least convenient times, and in the way least beneficial to herself, and least satisfactory to me: the short half-hour of practising was horribly strummed through; she, meantime, unsparingly abusing me, either for interrupting her with corrections, or for not rectifying her mistakes before they were made, or something equally unreasonable.
It was to keep a good stock in my lap, out of which I every now and then conveyed some into my pocket, but in such a manner, and at such convenient times, as I was sure he could not see it.
Through this partnership, we can empower people to take part in Red Cross missions by giving what they can give without breaking a sweat-at their most convenient time,' Chairman Richard Gordon said.
Given the unique nature of Ramadan when time is divided between praying, working, commuting, and shopping among other preoccupations, the Ministry urged shopping malls and retail outlets to extend working hours and inform consumers of the new hours so they can better plan their schedule and choose a convenient time for shopping.
Minister Aidarbekov invited the Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan to make official visit to Kyrgyzstan at any convenient time.
On behalf of Speaker of Syrian Assembly, Syrian Ambassador extended invitation to Chairman Senate to visit Syria at a convenient time.
Upon notification of a death, Beneficiary Services will immediately call the beneficiary and provide details regarding the claim process or set up an appointment to review options at a more convenient time. Additionally, Beneficiary Services will route each beneficiary claim until resolution and ensure the beneficiary is updated on status, outstanding requirements, notification of the processing time and payout once good order of the claim is achieved.