convenient time

See: timeliness
References in classic literature ?
I will only beg you, at some convenient time, to let me mention the last discoveries that we have made; leaving it to your discretion, when Mr.
Some tossed them unconcernedly down; others hid them carefully, asserting their plans to return for them at some convenient time.
Come," said D'Artagnan, who thought that it was now a convenient time to begin his interrogations, "dost thou know where Athos is?
Short and easy as her tasks were, if done at all, they were slurred over, at any time and in any way; but generally at the least convenient times, and in the way least beneficial to herself, and least satisfactory to me: the short half-hour of practising was horribly strummed through; she, meantime, unsparingly abusing me, either for interrupting her with corrections, or for not rectifying her mistakes before they were made, or something equally unreasonable.
It was to keep a good stock in my lap, out of which I every now and then conveyed some into my pocket, but in such a manner, and at such convenient times, as I was sure he could not see it.
I had a similar problem so I invited three different reps back at a more convenient time.
Both Presidents agreed that, in the present circumstances, it was best not to have a meeting in Washington next week; and they agreed to reschedule the visit of President Hu to another mutually convenient time.
Visitors to the Hannover Fair are presented with a unique opportunity to gain insight into a wide variety of technological fields, all at one convenient time and place.
A draft of the Urban Water Management Plan was passed out, but it will not be finished until the spring when DWP promises to hold another public comment session - probably in the San Fernando Valley - and, I hope, at a more convenient time and place and with a lot more promotion and public notice.
He is available to schedule media interviews at a mutually convenient time Monday, June 14 and Tuesday, June 15.
There is no convenient time for scheduled maintenance or any other downtime," said Robinson Kelly, President of Clay Tablet Technologies.
The sessions can be attended live or they can be downloaded and viewed at a more convenient time by participants.