convenient time

See: timeliness
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The picture above shows a busy street in New York back in 1925, with loads of traffic, and a mother cat finds it to be a convenient time to go across the road carrying her kitten in her mouth.
We will be delighted to arrange a more convenient time for you to visit us.
Its a convenient time to remind ourselves of all our state has to offer, a convenient time to learn more and a convenient time to celebrate.
ISLAMABAD -- The visit of a US delegation to Pakistan has been postponed until a mutually convenient time.
htm and they will be matched to a convenient time and place.
Coutu noted that its website makes it easy for customers to find a nearby store providing flu vaccinations, select a convenient time and send an online appointment request for one or several people.
Anyway, I have asked for an appointment to call on the President at his most convenient time, wherever he is, I will go,' Ramos said.
These days people are so busy there isn't always a convenient time to organise a delivery.
According to the findings, the most popular reason for shopping while commuting is to pass the time, followed by it being the most convenient time to shop - fuelled by the increased availability of WiFi on public transport.
Foreign Minister Abdyldayev invited the UN General Secretary to visit Kyrgyzstan at any convenient time for him, the Foreign Ministry said.
Manmohan Singh to visit Iraq at a mutually convenient time.
He (Singh) invited Mr Nawaz Sharif to visit India at a mutually convenient time," the statement said.