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Regarding the second kind of agreement (similarity) between things, Thomas writes in the latter text: "et talis convenientia esse potest creaturae ad Deum, quia Deus dicitur ens hoc modo quod est ipsum suum esse; creatura vero non est ipsum suum esse, sed dicitur ens, quasi esse participans.
For here, as well as there, I try to pursue resolutely the implications of the theological convenientia that, ultimately, there is a common-to-all fundamental "mechanism" of salvation by which the universal salvific will of God is actually being realized not only in those who are practicing Christians but also in the countless billions who are not.
tam adaequatio (prisiderinimas) vartoja ir terminus cor-respondentia (atitikimas) bei convenientia (susitarimas).
tam adaequatio (prisiderinimas) vartoja ir terminus correspondentia (atitikimas) bei convenientia (susitarimas).
Convenientia, aemulatio, analogy, and sympathy tell us how
It is precisely the unconscious deployment of the episteme that is at issue, for what is involved is not simply the formulaic application of figures of similitude such as convenientia and aemulatio.
The discussion is part of a chapter with the title "Summa Avicennae de convenientia et differentia subiectornm.
The Meaning of Convenientia in the Metaphysics of St.
The same may be said in general of the Scholastic argument ex convenientia.
Sed necessarium est animali ut quaerat aliqua vel fugiat, non solum quia sunt convenientia vel non convenientia ad sentiendum, sed etiam propter aliquas alias commoditates et utilitates, sive nocumenta, sicut ovis videns lupum venientem fugit, non propter indecentiam coloris vel figurae, sed quasi inimicum naturae; et similiter avis colligit paleam, non quia delectet sensum, sed quia est utilis ad nidificandum.
See Hayes, "Incarnation and Creation" 314; Zachary Hayes, "The Meaning of Convenientia in the Metaphysics of St.
2) concerning friendship and transgression as elucidated through modus, limes, dilectio, libido, convenientia, and luminosus, all thematically unified through the notion of amiticia.