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CONVENTIO, canon law. The act of convening or calling together the parties, by summoning the defendant. Vide Reconvention. When the defendant was brought to answer, he was said to be convened, which the canonists called conventio, because the plaintiff and defendant met to contest. Sto. Eq. Pl. Sec. 402; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4117.

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I had the pleasure of recording two full albums in 2013, one as a soloist singing Robat Arwyn songs and then Tarantella had a won boys, at t Conventio performed With 56 highlight of The Na Denbigh.
Further the Pakistani delegate indicated that the review mechanism should base its reports exclusively on information provided by states parties and that the conference should be the competent body to approve, and issue reports on the review of the implementation of the conventio.
com/) 2012 Republican National Conventio n in Tampa, just shortly before Mitt Romney takes the stage to accept the party's nomination, a (http://www.
Dictionnaire 3 (1942): 1353-83; Pietro Agostino d'Avack, "Concordato," Enciclopedia del diritto 8 (1961): 441-71; Carlos Corral Salvador, "Concordato (Concordatum, Conventio cum Nationibus)," in Diccionario de derecho canonico, ed.
since the formulation of the 1951 Refugee Conventio.
These co-branded products will include HAG's new H09 chair launching at NeoCon 2004, the HAG H05, HAG H04 Credo, HAG Capisco and HAG Conventio.
2) Generally speaking, the action of the leadership at the 1885 Conventio n marked the formation of a new antithesis among Christian feminists: "Judaism equals sexism, while Christianity equals feminism.
The author's agenda too, heuristic and even pastoral on the surface, and beginning conventio nally enough with provisions for the religious life of his wife such as prayers and daily devotions, turns to promoting his own fame as a tamer of women to his successor, the one who next weds his young darling upon his death, who will benefit from his expert instructions on her comportment and adept inculcation of the desirable traits in a woman of her social status.
Dafoe, born in Appleton, Wisconsin, is strong aware that he has missed out on more conventio roles because he's largely perceived as an eccent actor in dark films, the kind of boy-next-door type - you lived next door to a mausoleum.
The data of visual culture--from cornflakes packaging to toys--are filtered through artistic conventio ns from Max Ernst to James Rosenquist emphasizing the particularities of art as a framework.
Poets, like jazz musicians and painters, have always moved in and out of traditions and conventio ns to employ competing strategies to create innovation, tension and surprise in their art.
Spiderweb is a beautifully-crafted, enthralling book, yet is ultimately unsatisfactory because it leaves single women with the uncomfortable feeling that a varied, exciting and unfettered life is not necessarily any more gratifying than a dull, conventio nal one.