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Derived from or contingent upon the mutual agreement of the parties, as opposed to that created by or dependent upon a statute or other act of the law.

A conventional home mortgage is one in which the interest rate is agreed upon by the parties to it: the borrower and the lender.


adjective acceptable, accepted, accustomed, approved, classical, common, conformable, conforming, conforming to accepted standards, established, established by general consent, familiar, fitting, fixed, general, habitual, in established usage, long-established, natural, normal, of long standdng, ordinary, orthodox, permanent, prevalent, regular, routine, standard, time-honored, tradition-bound, typical, usual, widely used, wonted
Associated concepts: conventional interest, conventional life estate, conventional mortgage, conventional obligation, conventional sequestration, conventional subrogation, connentional trust
See also: accustomed, average, boiler plate, common, current, customary, familiar, formal, household, mundane, nondescript, normal, ordinary, orthodox, popular, prevailing, prevalent, proper, regular, right, routine, standard, standing, suitable, traditional, trite, typical, uniform, usual

HEIR, CONVENTIONAL, civil law. A conventional heir is one who takes a succession by virtue of a contract; for example, a marriage contract, which entitles the heir to the succession.

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H2: External factors are most important for determining the profitability of islamic and conventional banks.
Argentina's enormous Vaca Muerta shale formation is thought to be the source for several conventional oil fields in the region.
Western Iraq fell almost exclusively to SOF, with SOF in the north again, working with indigenous forces to set conditions for introduction of conventional forces.
This suggests that thousands of vehicles counted in the alt-fuel category are actually burning conventional fuels, making their purchase pointless.
Advocates of CAM look to the participation of health plans to help break down the barriers between conventional and alternative medicine.
The conventional mortgage system is made up of numerous institutions whose profit-seeking drives them to spread the credit risk of conventional mortgages (that is, mortgages that are not insured by the federal government).
Although they are hitting the market at about the same time as chemical-free imagesetters, film-free imagesetters are an even more radical departure from conventional print prepress methods.
Fruit packed in ice can also be stored underneath conventional shipments that have been heavily sprayed.
Additional conventional memory also can be used as a print buffer to make the user more efficient.
Moreover, conventional products were up to 460 times more likely to carry resistant strains than their antibiotic-free counterparts.
Pfefferkorn says another limitation of conventional injection tooling is that a hot-runner system tends to be designed for optimum performance with a particular mold and material and may not work as well in a totally different application.

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