conventional language

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The poor Frenchman, forgetting his conventional language, had taken to his own mother tongue, to utter a last appeal
Thompson also notes that"Trump's appeal as a presidential candidate depends significantly on the belief that he is a truth-teller who will have nothing to do with the conventional language of politics," warning that:
The Provoke group aimed to destabilize the certainty photography seemed to promise, and to reveal a world indescribable by conventional language.
Gamification fills in this need, ensuring language learning can be fun and engaging, highlighting and challenging the monotonous and conventional language learning methods.
BIMCO said it has tried to make such conventional language in the past, but past agreements it designed, such as FUELCON Marine Fuels Purchasing Agreement in the 90's and the Standard Bunker Contract in 2002, did not win over enough of the market to become true market requirements.
Keywords: Skill-oriented language testing, non-native higher education students, linguistic competency, conventional language teaching styles, language- deficient performance
The book concludes with a chapter on rhetoric, defined as "a system for simplifying matters by means of institutional arrangements and conventional language so that large groups could decide things" (148).
Lemmon states in her article, "the less conventional language of skin art actively conveys and reinforces cultural standards and stories from one generation to the next.
Similarly, in direct proportion to the Infinite Excess in which conventional language is grounded, to that very extent the great variety of Creative Intuition (pratibha) arises, indeed is endless, in its never-ending attempt to express that which cannot be expressed, to say what cannot be said:
Of these three films seen in the past three days, Ketsove addresses its audience in the most conventional language of film, with a story at once accessible even without requiring too profound an understanding of today's Bulgaria but also located in a very specific time and place.
Concurrency-oriented programming is distinctive, as it is built on highly-scalable lightweight processes which 'share nothing', in contrast to a conventional language that must typically use operating system processes.
of Macerata) investigates the interrelationship between phrases and words in conventional language and more unconventional uses.
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