conventional practice

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Conventional practice is to follow an initial proof-of concept stage with a design intent stage.
The inspiration for this change in the region can be credited to Shantikumar, who said, "I gave up the conventional practice of growing paddy because of the excessive use of chemical fertilisers, I chose food crops based on minimal use of chemicals.
I see myself in between them and a conventional practice.
Keeping in mind the lowest position of Pakistan in the region regarding land versus green area, he said that they came up with this concept of planting a tree without any hassle as compare to conventional practice that needed much effort.
But unlike this conventional practice, a public school teacher in Imus City, Cavite has introduced a 'fast, convenient, ingenious' and brand new style of checking and recording students' attendance.
Distinguishing naturopathic and herbal practice from conventional practice is, in some ways, becoming a grey area.
Creation of wealth is defined more broadly than in conventional practice. A set of filters are applied to financial transactions that ensure permissibility and productive activities to promote society's wellbeing.
The gutters that chocked on religiously and prompted the question in our mind 'whether the area belongs to us or mosquitoes?' have abruptly given-up their conventional practice. Thereby, leaving residents chocked with surprise.
This study challenges conventional practice in ITE in Malaysia regarding individual reflection and calls for the use of collective reflection as a way of bringing the practice of early childhood education and care into a stronger relationship with the tertiary sector.
This is a break with the conventional practice which has been introduced to facilitate the readers.
In light of strictly controlled clinical trials, existing rules and regulations should be re-evaluated on different CAM practices and products which will in turn facilitate, better treatment outcomes as well as aid in considering more number of these unconventional practices to be included under conventional practice.
Instead of having a consultative referendum which would have been in accordance with British conventional practice to make Law by Act of Parliament, he appeased the Conservative eurosceptics and UKIP by gambling on a binary referendum which he thought Remain would win.

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