conventional practice

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The scalable gains from telemedicine will come from delivering care to populations - sometimes highly specialized care, in totally different ways often with less physical infrastructure and less of the baggage that accompanies conventional practice," Dr.
Conducting clinical screenings through conventional practice is time consuming for patients and staff, the methods for collecting the information are rarely consistent, and the quality of the information collected is not always accurate.
This is conventional practice in businesses and state organisations of the developed world and nobody would describe an honest appraisal system and meritocratic promotions as "radical".
Rickie Fowler, who has opted for the more conventional practice of actually playing on links turf this week at Gullane, said: "The first way I saw Augusta was on a video game.
RFaxis took a major departure from this conventional practice.
General Alew Ayieny, the Current Minister of interior who was seen in military uniform commanding a police force in collaboration with Dootku-Beny In conventional practice, those primitive tribal generals should be charged with the following crimes: 1.
When I was assigned to teach Professional Practice at the Parsons graduate program in Lighting Design in 2011, the course's learning objectives were focused on conventional practice in architectural lighting design.
He moved to the North East to work for walking-shoe firm Brasher and outdoor gear-maker Berghaus before launching a company to sell his shoe designs that went against conventional practice, their lightweight structure allowing runners to feel the ground beneath their feet so they could react better to the terrain.
He then went on to launch his own company to sell his shoe designs that went against conventional practice.
The more people who get to know about the concept of Takaful the more they will shy away from conventional practice because of its ethical values
I agree, it's not conventional practice," Elizabeth responds tartly.
Magnum, initially based in Paris and New York and more recently adding offices in London and Tokyo, departed from conventional practice in two fairly radical ways.

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