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Derived from or contingent upon the mutual agreement of the parties, as opposed to that created by or dependent upon a statute or other act of the law.

A conventional home mortgage is one in which the interest rate is agreed upon by the parties to it: the borrower and the lender.


adjective acceptable, accepted, accustomed, approved, classical, common, conformable, conforming, conforming to accepted standards, established, established by general consent, familiar, fitting, fixed, general, habitual, in established usage, long-established, natural, normal, of long standdng, ordinary, orthodox, permanent, prevalent, regular, routine, standard, time-honored, tradition-bound, typical, usual, widely used, wonted
Associated concepts: conventional interest, conventional life estate, conventional mortgage, conventional obligation, conventional sequestration, conventional subrogation, connentional trust
See also: accustomed, average, boiler plate, common, current, customary, familiar, formal, household, mundane, nondescript, normal, ordinary, orthodox, popular, prevailing, prevalent, proper, regular, right, routine, standard, standing, suitable, traditional, trite, typical, uniform, usual

HEIR, CONVENTIONAL, civil law. A conventional heir is one who takes a succession by virtue of a contract; for example, a marriage contract, which entitles the heir to the succession.

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It is therefore not the physical expressions as such that are in focus but the conventionalised descriptions of them.
The phrases have become conventionalised as emblems of mental states.
Crucially, the identification of basically the same conceptual patterns in non-conventionalised as well as conventionalised expressions reveals that both types of linguistic utterance need to be analysed in terms of the 'standard' cognitive construal operations.
Taking into account factors which determine a meaning's relative salience, such as experiential context, conventionality and familiarity, the conventionalised, figurative interpretation of this headline appears to be the prominent one (18).
He applied it in a conventionalised sense, a method linked to self-citation based on symbolic reminiscence of an earlier work (see e.
It is hard not to see the bodiless fetes champetres, the conventionalised Venetian scenes and the unimpassioned suggestiveness of the fan designs as anything other than campy and effete.
The medieval oath, though ultimately directed to God, was also fully conventionalised by society, which recognised it as a promise, if given formulaic phrases were used and a licit guarantor (God, the Virgin, the Saints) invoked.