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See Marmor, supra note 13, at 107 (rejecting the idea that positivism adopts conventionalism because of a desire to render "certain or unequivocal, aspects of our life which would otherwise remain uncertain and fuzzy").
as "'church traditional work [of] gilt aureoles and the conventionalism of early priesthood, which we [Protestant Britons] did away with at the Reformation'" (1:155) (17) and saw Rossetti himself as '"a sly Italian'" who self-servingly deviated from the tenets of Pre-Raphaelitism that were laid down by the two real founders of the PRB, these being, needless to say, Hunt and Millais (1:155-56, 2:301-302).
As a genre the Gothic is not unaware of its bad and untrue determinacy: indeed it seems to mark its conventionalism, its badness, as a way of breaking the molds into which it is forced.
Hence Friday the 13th 3D both rewards viewers who have seen the previous two Friday the 13th movies by figuratively assaulting them with its franchise fetishes and encourages new viewers to value such self-reflexive moves for their ostentatious conventionalism.
I'm not at all convinced that what we're looking at in regard to Buddhism, especially Madhyamaka, is a kind of Wittgensteinian conventionalism where "everything remains the same" after metaphysical deflation.
Moreover, as Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio conveys, "the fear of poverty instigated hypocrisy and a new moral conventionalism.
of Antwerp, Belgium), this volume explores normativity in law as it is approached from three particularly influential strands of legal thought: the theory of planning agency, legal conventionalism, and the constitutivist approach.
These leaders redefine conventionalism and create their own success, all while changing lives.
Taken as a whole, the essays offer a coherent philosophy centered on de Jasay's overriding conventionalism.
In accord with his conventionalism, Poincare claims that in general we do not know the nature of the density function, which can be arbitrary, and we must set it at the beginning of our considerations by a meaningful convention.
1987) suggested that gender roles such as conventionalism and passivity influenced females.
Although it is easy to see the attraction of conventionalism, taking that route further is likely to only give evermore marginal insights into the real nature of what is one of the key topics in international business scholarship.