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Although it could be argued that Funke's RWA Scale that I utilized in Study 2 is a less ideal operationalization of authoritarian aggression, authoritarian submission, and conventionalism than is the case with other more recently developed instruments, such as that of Duckitt et al.
It is always better to trust the judgment of the proper authorities in government and religion than to listen to the noisy rabble-rousers in our society who are trying to create doubt in people's minds), and Conventionalism (e.
4) The second step liberates conventionalism of its utilitarian chains and shows its plural normative core.
Hence Friday the 13th 3D both rewards viewers who have seen the previous two Friday the 13th movies by figuratively assaulting them with its franchise fetishes and encourages new viewers to value such self-reflexive moves for their ostentatious conventionalism.
He was faced with a choice between walking down the path that his conscience, formed by the Word of God, provided for him, or falling into the pit of religious conventionalism and error that he was fighting against.
Hawthorne's conversations with Channing excite him not because they lead to any definite ideas, "not in any angular or rounded truth, which we dug out of the shapeless mass of problematical stuff--but in the freedom which we thereby won from all custom and conventionalism, and fettering influences of man on man" (10:25).
I'm not at all convinced that what we're looking at in regard to Buddhism, especially Madhyamaka, is a kind of Wittgensteinian conventionalism where "everything remains the same" after metaphysical deflation.
The thesis of definitional conventionalism, that mathematical truths are logical consequences of definitions, amounts to the claim that mathematical truths are logical truths.
2) Conventionalism is highest in Slovakia and lowest in the Czech Republic.
Before revealing some aspects of the current situation on the Romanian's labor market, it is necessary to explain the conventionalism concept, such it is defined in this article.
This is all more poignant and less arrogant than it seems, as anyone who has fled from the backwaters of American "common sense" conventionalism to a hub of cosmopolitan intellectualism (New York and Paris were her mainstays) is weil aware.
of Antwerp, Belgium), this volume explores normativity in law as it is approached from three particularly influential strands of legal thought: the theory of planning agency, legal conventionalism, and the constitutivist approach.