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It is she who, at the core of all the constrained formalities and conventionalities of his life, has been a stock of living tenderness and love, susceptible as nothing else is of being struck with the agony he feels.
Civilization held nothing like this in its narrow and circumscribed sphere, hemmed in by restrictions and conventionalities.
Had she been a man, he argued, he should not have hesitated, for it would have meant a friend after his own heart, with whom he could ride and hunt at will; but as it was they would be hedged by the conventionalities that are even more strictly observed by the wild nomads of the desert than by their more civilized brothers and sisters.
The exchange of polite conventionalities having been accomplished, Alban approache d Emily to take his leave, with mingled feelings of regret and anxiety--regret for having allowed himself to speak harshly; anxiety to part with her in kindness.
I felt that years of the conventionalities of life could not teach me to know her sweet, brave nature as had this one day of strange experiences.