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You are very kind, I am sure," she murmured; and the very conventionality of her tones and words, with the host of associations it aroused of the old life on the other side of the world, gave me a quick thrill--rich with remembrance but stinging sharp with home-sickness.
Levin said that the French had carried conventionality further than anyone, and that consequently they see a great merit in the return to realism.
These were women of her own circle - Londoners, and the Duchess, at any rate, a woman of the very highest social position and unimpeached conventionality.
Clearly then, in CMT, conventionality tends to be interpreted as a relation between basic and extended senses of a word, which reflects the source/target distinction at the conceptual level.
EAP was formed by senior aviation officials who, tired of their expectations not being met, set out on a campaign for change; challenging conventionality in the marketplace and driving customer-centric part supply strategies.
It has small bursts of interesting flavours that are never developed and occasionally slip into conventionality such as Gilbert & Sullivan-type jolly singing pirates and attempts at emotional big numbers that do no service to the cast of singers who we know are excellent when given better roles.
Aiofe O'Sullivan's Carrie is a bit too strenuously comic at first, but settles down as part of a delightful second couple, with Joseph Shovelton's superb Enoch Snow who makes boring conventionality entertaining and oddly touching.
The Emirates Identity Authority has announce launching its strategy for innovation and creativity keeping in line with the approach of the country s prudent leadership in outrunning conventionality in government work and focusing on innovation and creativity to achieve the government s mission in bringing happiness to people .
First, Braine looks at the actual grammatical richness of language to illustrate its conventionality and potentially variable uses.
Resist the siren call of conventionality and the safer drudgery it promises.
A row of matching fluffy pink wigs lined up under cute lettering reading NO FUTURE linked the message of an absent future to a contemporary rather than historical moment dominated by the conventionality of uniforms as fashion.