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BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 5, 2018-Horizon Technology Finance provides USD 12m venture loan to Conventus Orthopaedics
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 5, 2018-Horizon Technology Finance provides USD 12m venture loan to Conventus Orthopaedics
According to Conventus president John Jorgensen, the PPS line fills a gap in the Conventus product portfolio, while siloxane PC copolymers are an "exciting" addition because it expands market availability beyond the previous single source (Sabic).
Medical device company Conventus Orthopaedics revealed on Wednesday the addition of Richard Mott to its board of directors with immediate effect.
2013): "Los genios de los conventus iuridici y el lugar de reuniones del concilium provinciae Hispaniae citerioris.
The Abbey is situated in a remote part of the North York Moors and relocates the Conventus of Our Lady of Consolation from a 19th-century Abbey building in Worcestershire.
Gozalbes destaca la importancia de la viaria como elemento articulador de este territorio en epoca romana y que orbitaba en torno a la capital del conventus Carthaginiensis, Carthago Nova, y la ciudad de Caesaraugusta.
Ann's Warehouse, the September 11 Memorial Museum & Pavilion, Brookfield Place, and Conventus.
5) This would not have prevented it from taking on a conventus civium Romanorum; Rodriguez Neila 1988, 214 ff.
Other major reception studies include Gustavo Costa, "The Latin Translations of Longinus'ss Peri hupsous in Renaissance Italy," Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Bononiensis.
Conventus et testes ab actrice inducti confirmant thesim actricis et una voce loquuntur de gravi immaturitate psychoaffectiva mulieris tempore nuptiarum.
782/785; Admonitio Generalis, 789; Capitulare missorum generale, 802; Charlemagne's letter to Chaerbald of Liege, 806; and the imperial encyclical on baptismal practice of 811/812--with its various surviving responses; Charlemagne's epitome, 813) and the acts of church councils (Capitulare Francofurtense, 794; Conventus episcoporum ad ripas Danubi, mid-796; Council of Friuli, 797; five reforming councils held at Arles, Mainz, Rheims, Tours, and Chalon, 813).