converge upon

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At the end, all the choirs converge upon the stage and surround the audience for one final, uplifting paean in praise of God.
Next weekend 26 bands from all over the country and one from the USA - around 650 musicians in all - will converge upon the town.
For instance, light can converge upon a point after passing through a lens.
I have seen them split up and converge upon a motorcyclist, pedestrian or car from all sides at great speed.
The combination of seasoned jazz masters, talented up-and-comers, and an eager audience can all converge upon our inviting space in celebration of the performance and preservation of this treasured art form,” Wyatt added.
The public and political discourse should now converge upon a crucial question "After cleaning the area of militants, how will we consolidate gains and prevent relapse?" Much more able and experienced minds must help the people of the tribal areas determine their social contract with the state of Pakistan, on their own terms.
Each will have their own memories of what is the greatest football rivalry in the world (well, it is around these parts anyway), but mine for some reason seem to converge upon matters off the pitch.
The demo was advertised on social media websites where people were invited to converge upon Chelsea Rd between the two pubs - The Chelsea and The Plough.
Based upon the turnout at recent shows, about 1,000 vendors and 30,000 attendees will converge upon the Big Easy for the big show.
NEXT week (February 3-7), over 3,000 brands will converge upon the NEC for Spring Fair International, one of the world's largest gift and retail exhibitions, to promote their products, make deals and network.
Many city centre hotels and restaurants have seen an increase in bookings, as industry figures and music fans converge upon the city.
I burn the light of recollections As the converge upon me: Poem GEORGE CARRICK, Cramlington.