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As both boxers converged upon the ICC to promote their bout for WBF International Middleweight title fight at the aforementioned venue, there was a distinct chill in the air.
The John Deere dealership organization's rookies and seasoned sales veterans recently converged upon the company's Sacaton facility near Phoenix, AZ, for their annual Spring Training conference.
reveals a world of religious sectarianism that influenced the actions of many who converged upon Indian country.
When the match ended soon afterwards, van Nistelrooy was again converged upon by several angry opponents as tempers boiled over even further.
As a distinguished leader in the field of conservation engineering, Friedman was able to lend a specific expertise within the myriad of engineers who converged upon the site in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.
Not long ago, Bryant would have challenged the three defenders that converged upon him in the waning seconds Sunday rather than consider the option of using his teammates.
More than 60 fellow officers from other agencies converged upon the scene and determined that the subject fit the description of an armed robbery suspect.
More than 100 members and guests converged upon the mountains of Vail, Colorado, for the 1999 Casting Industry Suppliers Assn.
The substantial group of preeminent international investors from the US, UK, and Germany have converged upon ResearchGATE to support the growing platform.
130 attendees converged upon the Embassy Suites Denver-Downtown in Denver, Colorado from October 23, 2013 to October 25, 2013, where they listened to highly insightful presentations from C-level executive speakers, digital marketers, and leading brands, who imparted their wisdom on navigating digital, mobile and social media marketing in the beverage industry.
As team-mates converged upon him we could just glimpse the red mask whipped from shorts and pulled over a grinning countenance.
Mikolajczak could only remember "they came from the west and there were a lots of them," pretty good for a guy who was just a kid on Monday, May 25, 1931, when Uncle Sam's aerial armada, 636 planes strong, converged upon Boston for warlike maneuvers calculated to save the city from invaders, according to a news wire service story.