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lt;< Conclusion: Theoretical Convergencies and Empirical Evidence in the Study of Immigrant Transnationalism >>, International Migration Review, vol.
I am referring to his well-known work, Platonism, Neo-Platonism, and Thomism: Convergencies and Divergencias.
As in each subsequent chapter, detailed analyses of texts and divergent interpretations testify to an exhaustive knowledge of all relevant details in order to support Gerson's insistence upon three convergencies of harmonization between Platonic doctrines and those of Aristotle: (1) "the 'assimilation to the divine' .
Attachments, drives and development: Conflicts and convergencies in theory.
convergences of Jupiter and Mars/Jupiter and Venus/Jupiter and Saturn, a double set of planetary convergencies causing intensification of the Northern Lights, and a star known as DO Aquilae reported by Chinese observers as new and shining for 70 days in 5BC, one of several candidates for the Nativity year, whose chronology is askew thanks to the erroneous BC/AD calendar invented by the Byzantine monk Dionysius Exiguus--he was understandably thrown by the transition from BC1-AD1, especially as there was no Zero in classical mathematics.