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Unlike traditional Remote Access Server (RAS) solutions, Convergent Communications' Remote LAN Access uses local phone numbers to dial into the network, making it more cost-efficient than traditional toll-free dial-in services.
Convergent, on the other hand, allows for a single point of contact, minimizing risk, eliminating time-consuming change orders, increasing efficiency, reducing cost and speeding time to completion.
Telenity's Canvas([R]) TAS, Telecom Application Server will be deployed as the new Multidomain Intelligent Peripheral Node in Telefonica's convergent network.
Also, industry veteran Cindi Waller has joined Convergent Acquisitions as Director of Operations.
Convergent Acquisitions leveraged its research expertise to offer clients high quality properties in markets poised for growth and appreciation.
With Intec Convergent Billing, Polkomtel will be able to eradicate the traditional division between pre-paid and post-paid services and replace it with a unified and convergent offer to our customers.
Our success in signing the first customer shortly after the release of our Convergent Linux Platform version 1.
The benchmark demonstrated high performance and linear scalability across a range of real-time convergent rating, balance management, on-line transaction processing, charging and billing tasks from a typical large carrier environment.
Iain Napier, Director of Telematics at Norwich Union, said, "We selected Intec Convergent Billing because it is widely regarded as the telecom industry's most flexible and configurable billing technology, and because Intec was enthusiastic in working with us to maximize the potential of this brand new system.
CostGuard XG provides a convergent back-office solution that helps service providers achieve their business goals of entering new markets; automating channels; billing for complex product bundles; creating custom features; and interacting with partners, suppliers and customers across the Internet.
Convergent focuses on North Carolina generally, and the greater Charlotte area in particular.