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Thus, for a less dependent firm configuring an alliance portfolio convergently is part of isolating the power mechanism to maintain dominance over its partners.
In this way, presence of posttemporal fenestrae is here considered as convergently acquired by Calyptocephalellidae and Ceratophryidae.
This convergently evolved optical structure typically provides an effective method of displaying bright color to conspecifics without attracting the unwanted attention of predators (Parker 1998).
In so doing, I argue, we can begin to broadly define the self-conceptions and shared understandings of at least one Malay group 'in the middle' among the various and diverse people Malaysianists have, with growing discomfort, too monolithically and convergently referred to as ' the middle class'.
These four steps were repeated until the CFD simulation was completed convergently.
After a few minutes, each student group is asked for their ideas and clinical rationale; this allows students to think convergently (as a class) and divergently as they hear and consider a wide range of clinical possibilities.
We sell convergently," said MTV's Hirschhorn, "most of the advertisers who spend real money [online] are the blue chip advertisers who spend a lot on-air too.
Project work requires the use of all the thinking processes included in the TIEL model that include researching (Cognition), making connections (Memory), and producing both convergently and divergently (Convergent Production and Divergent Production).
But Darwin (1859) defined more precisely "nonhomologous" organs, which are formed convergently by equal function as analogous.
These measures have demonstrated validity as sensitive to orbitofrontal function, so the results convergently suggest that one's level of educational attainment relates to orbitofrontal functioning in healthy individuals.
Most of us have been socialized toward thinking convergently rather than divergently.
The Equity Sensitivity Instrument (ESI) has been shown to be discriminantly and convergently valid.