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First, we divided the problem in two: the battalion and above (BAA)/command post team had the mission to investigate converging the Marine Corps' JTCW and the Army's maneuver control system to the JTCW; the brigade and below (BAB)/platform team had the mission of investigating converging the Army's FBCB2 and the Marine Corps' Digital Automated Computer Terminal to FBCB2.
The company was founded in May 2004 to enable enterprises to align application performance needs with IP network resources, assuring end user quality of experience with the greatest possible efficiency for converging network applications.
Patient Compliance: Converging Toward a Common Goal analyzes adherence to oral medications in chronic markets.
Ingram Micro's Converging Technologies Group will distribute Flexion's BusinessGuardian family of products and services and become a one-stop supplier for technology solution providers focused on offering converged voice and data solutions to the small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) market.
The conference will open with a compelling address by Russ Radom, Consumer Peripherals Business Manager, Hewlett-Packard, who will discuss how the Internet has changed the industry for converging business communications.
We are very happy to be converging with Eduventures.
The program provides a cost-effective way to avoid the many pitfalls that might emerge while transitioning from legacy to converging networks.
velOSity helps to address the speed-to-market challenges faced by manufacturers as they develop, test, and integrate complex new products and services into the converging networks.
CAP Ventures and the Multifunction Products Association (MFPA) have once again joined forces to provide the peripherals industry with an in-depth look at the converging markets of copying, printing, scanning, and faxing.
Motorola's Internet and Networking Group (ING) delivers Smart Access Technology to connect people and organizations in a world of converging communications.