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The success of the project concept was all too evident on Saturday with young families and elderly citizens alike converging upon the workshop area, keen to roll up their sleeves and get involved in a spot of afternoon craft-making, despite the somewhat unlikely venue.
Every year, the annual Haj pilgrimage sees millions converging upon the holy city of Makkah for about two weeks.
Strikers can get into superb positions but if they can't instantly bring the ball under control they will find a posse of defenders converging upon them.
But there was no time to lose, because other passers-by were converging upon him.
However, several factors are now converging upon the market, inlcuding the increasingly popular Los Angeles Screenings in early May, where major international buyers screen the U.
There was a short time, late in 1963, when audiences for avant-garde cinema in New York could witness two intersecting entourages converging upon film screenings.