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In comparison, the CTDA we developed in this study has 19 items, categorized into three subscales: systematicity and analyticity (8 items), inquisitiveness and conversance (6 items), maturity and skepticism (5 items); hence, the time and cost requirements for administration of the instrument are reduced.
Indeed, Sperulo's membership in Cortese's earlier Roman academy, which would have furnished him occasion to fraternize with celebrated solo singers like Bernardo Accolti, Serafino Aquilano, and Jacopo Corsi, and the membership of Brandolini--Marone's 1515 musical competitor--in Pontano's earlier Neapolitan academy suggest a ready conversance on the part of several Leo's intimates with the musical practices of comparable informal academies, which demonstrably supported the solo singing of accomplished poet-musicians (Cummings 2004: 53, 88-90, 229-30 nn.
His team neither retained their mastery of Plan A, nor showed any conversance with Plan B and their fumblitis and tacticalus nervosa strangled whatever it was they were trying to achieve.
Conversance with the achievements and beliefs of modern figures who are nonetheless recognized as Muslim peacemakers, such as the Pashtun's great nonviolent leader, Abdul Ghaffar Khan, would also be useful (Easwaran, 1999).
Conversance with hip hop culture is particularly critical for the urban-based high school English or social studies instructor.
He effaces elevated caste identity while marking the preservation of Tamil language, and suggests conversance with Hindi and English.
Despite their limited exposure to school mathematics instruction, even young children tend to exhibit a preoccupation with rules and memorization, as well as showing little conversance with the idea that mathematics might involve problem solving, reasoning, or modeling of the empirical world (Frank, 1998; Kouba & McDonald, 1991; Mtetwa & Garofalo, 1989).
This appreciation of diversity implies both a commitment to be reasonably conversant throughout life with what is going on around the world and an awareness of and an ability to use the media available to facilitate that conversance.
38) It is therefore not surprising that Dryden would take the opportunity to set out the current consensus on translation theory for the reader of this multi-author volume and display his conversance with that theory, even if he himself has not followed that consensus.
Demonstrating deep conversance with literary theory along with film theory, Lehmann challenges recent critiques of the idea of the Author in the Early Modern period; she anticipates, to some degree, some of Lukas Erne's arguments in Shakespeare as Literary Dramatist (2003).
A fun cheapo horror romp that makes no claims to profundity but displays truly acerbic wit and a deep conversance with the genre, "Infested" sics swarms of mutant flies on a bunch of thirtysomething "whiny self-absorbed twits" and turns them into killer zombies.