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Refusing to take seriously such mundane things as the familiar vocabularies of thought, friendship, and romance, he stops his knowledge of them at a pointedly superficial conversance.
Further, Mallette's conversance with contemporary preaching manuals allows hi m to identify these homilies by type and judge them in terms of their order, delivery, and appropriateness to the occasion.
This indicates that Ginsberg had had enough conversance with broad themes of Eureka to be influenced in an earlier poem, such as "Plutonium Ode.
One sort of preparation is very wide (and critical) conversance with the actual terms, usually diverse and not tightly systematized, of moral assessment in the society the institution takes as its community--conversance with what Howard Brody calls "the broadest and most inclusive conversations in the area of medical ethics over a reasonable period of time.
His strongest suit is a genuine conversance with the thought of St Thomas Aquinas, which shows up the inadequacy of Singleton's references to the same authority.
46] Neither one has any apparent conversance with Davidson's work, or with action theory generally, yet their intuitions are right on the mark.
Indeed, addressing the needs of contemporary EAP clients for services that integrate human resource factors into the full range of corporate contingency planning, risk management, and business continuity and recovery measures will require conversance and capabilities that fall increasingly outside the training most EA professionals bring to their positions.
Conversance with this research would have helped enrich and systematize his discussions of key topics he addresses less methodically, such as the role of personal example in conversion and the dynamics of a convert's surrender to grace.
Moreover, the importance of a Luther biography depends on the author's conversance with and appropriation of primary sources.
These roles are quite sensitive and the medical personnel will also admit of his narrow knowledge and conversance in the aforementioned areas if he is not jack of all trades.