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CONVERSANT. One who is in the habit of being in a particular place, is said to be conversant there. Barnes, 162.

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Apple said in the lawsuit that Acacia and Conversant were its "chief conspirators.
Online video publishers like Conversant really understand the complexities of securing an OTT platform in this evolving environment, said Steve Oetegenn, president of Verimatrix.
The patents in question were part of a group of 2,000 patents originally held by Nokia, and Conversant acquired them along with Core Wireless in 2011.
Giuliana most recently served as CEO of Conversant, which was sold in December 2014 to Alliance Data.
The deal was agreed in September by and among Alliance Data, Conversant and Amber Sub LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alliance Data.
Lawyer Jessica Lucila "Gigi" Reyes "can sit on bed and [is] more conversant.
CJ Affiliate by Conversant facilitates and supports equitable, lucrative relationships between advertisers and publishers.
Also, the company stated that its recently launched personalisation platform is expected to benefit from the integration of SET Media's technology, as will its re-branding from ValueClick to Conversant.
Each scripted exchange involved an appropriate response to the conversant's question, followed by a reciprocal question to the conversant.
The availability of excellent lawyers conversant in maritime law will be critical to the continued economic growth and standing of the Khalifa Bin Salman Port and to boost the kingdom's economic status on a regional and international level in accordance with Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030," he said.
CMYK She is also conversant with online business and the technology sector.
Speaking and writing Castillian (Spanish) is essential for communication with anyone who is not conversant with the foreigners' languages.