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It was Hogarth, alongside the still too little known Gawen Hamilton, a Scottish rival in London, who dominated the production of conversation pieces during the 1730s and '40s.
Any large, exquisite shell makes an individual, decorative conversation piece.
Okay, the shape makes it a conversation piece, but what about the taste?
The Zinfandel is $12 and you get a pretty nifty conversation piece for the table plus a pretty good bottle of wine.
WHO would have guessed that outside privies of the kind that raised goose-lumps in mid-20th century primary school pupils would become a conversation piece for home-buyers in the run-up to the new millennium?
Apart from being a nice touch of customer service, the spot has been a conversation piece among customers.
When I found out about the charity auction, I knew that my company wanted to be a part of it, and that we simply had to get it to our dealership, where it now proudly sits as quite the conversation piece," Foster continued.
The conversation piece, a genre of group portraiture fostered by Hogarth, reflected the mores of Georgian England.
In some ways, however, Mr McLeod has unknowingly put a stamp of approval on Grand Central because, by being lavish in his criticism, he is illustrating that, like the new Library, the Cube and the Selfridges building, it can't be ignored and is a conversation piece.
Five new low-level lights have been installed along a new pathway which leads from Sea Road car park to the Conversation Piece art installation at Littlehaven beach in South Shields.
The mural is proving to be far more than simply a nice piece of artwork - it seems to be a conversation piece that is encouraging tenants of Clasper Court to interact more with one another.
uk A NEST of resin antlers, this conversation piece will give your home forest-retreat charm.