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can be helpfully understood via the conversational analogue and that (2) neither holding people morally responsible or being morally responsible is more basic--neither, McKenna thinks, can be fully explained without the other.
For example, in terms of conversational tendencies, sales may be open to conversing with customers, but the legal department may be wary of the revelation of proprietary information.
Part one on 'Gendering Conversation and Space' opens with a chapter that situates early modern precepts of conversation within the period's discourse of civility, drawing out the paradox of conversational decorum as a means of preserving social hierarchy and yet as an effective tool for negotiating one's standing within that hierarchy.
The conversational law version of a statute will engage in dialogue with you, asking only the questions that are relevant in light of previous answers.
Kaneko, who has lived and worked in Japan as a translator and businesswoman, provides students, travelers, transplants, and businesspeople going to Japan with a guide to conversational Japanese that places the language in context.
Besides the SQU, the embassy currently offers a conversational course at Muscat College.
The conversational cooler makes the conversation awkward, unpleasant, unsatisfying, and, all-in-all, a not very enjoyable experience--one you want to get over with as soon as possible and not repeat anytime soon.
Shel Holtz, ABC, and Neville Hobson, ABC, co-host a twice-weekly conversational PR podcast called "For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report" ( that is so popular that it pulls in listeners from several continents, through a slew of technologies.
A cursory method of assessing speech recognition in noise is to deliver a set of common sentences about activities of daily living with a live voice in the presence of background conversational noise (signal-to-noise level: 10 dB) and qualitatively evaluate the response.
The data bring to light a number of findings on Instructor behavior in FMF and MF SCMC environments which merit further comment: 1) She corrected very little over all and assumed the role of conversational facilitator, 2) When she did correct she chose implicit measures.
Global Banking News-August 21, 2019--Teachers Credit Union launches conversational banking

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