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The second witness, present at the conversation already mentioned, corroborated the first witness in every particular; and added that she had procured the book relating to the arsenic-eating practices of the Styrian peasantry, and their results, at Mrs.
She had begged both the ladies to consider the conversation as strictly private--and there it had ended.
He took the seat indicated to him beside the fair Helene and listened to the general conversation.
After that Anna Pavlovna led up to the courage and firmness of the King of Prussia, in order to draw Boris into the conversation.
Boris promised to fulfill her wish and was about to begin a conversation with her, when Anna Pavlovna called him away on the pretext that her aunt wished to hear him.
he called, and he went into the next room where he promptly came across and aide-de-camp of his acquaintance and dropped into conversation with him about an actress and her protector.
Thomson moved his chair next to his host's Geraldine's father, Admiral Sir Seymour Conyers, was a very garrulous old gentleman with fixed ideas about everything, a little deaf and exceedingly fond of conversation.
Personally," the Admiral observed, joining in the conversation, "I consider the submarine danger the greatest to which this country has yet been exposed.
de Chanost, walked as if entirely absorbed in the conversation of his son-in-law.
Skype's upcoming Private Conversations feature is a product of Microsoft and Signal's team-up.
Econiq has made enhancements to The Conversation Hub[R], its solution that simplifies and guides high-value complex frontline conversations, that will allow banks and insurers to effectively capture the conversation behaviors of their most successful frontline employees and then apply those behaviors to all frontline staff, enabling a consistently high level of quality to the omnichannel customer experience, the company said.
She situates women's oral and written conversations while explicating the "interactive dimensions of genres that rely on a conversational structure" (3).