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Summary of the isotope exchange and conversion reactions by hydrogenases [v.
Conversion reactions and psychophysiologic disorders: A comparative study.
Control DNAs are also available separately and can be used as standards in both the conversion reaction and post-conversion analysis.
Generally, contaminants on the surface of a substrate can hinder any chemical conversion reaction or subsequent bonding of any paint that we might try to apply, impairing durability and performance of the overall coating system.
These patients did not have the depression often associated with serious illness, their disorder was not a primary psychiatric disorder such as anorexia nervosa, and it was not a conversion reaction, such as when a patient claims to be blind despite having eyes that are fine.
Thirty female patients, fifteen with conversion reaction and fifteen with other neuroses, were selected on the basis of unanimous diagnosis by three psychiatrists.
GSPI reactors require an amazing two minutes to complete the biodiesel conversion reaction versus over one hour for the rest of the industry.
Besides, these microorganisms promoted the conversion reactions to acids and alcohol [19].