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So he was much better satisfied, and nothing could persuade him but he would stay and endeavour to convert them; but Providence gave another very happy turn to all this.
The clergyman smiled upon me when I reported what answer they gave, but said nothing a good while; but at last, shaking his head, "We that are Christ's servants," says he, "can go no further than to exhort and instruct: and when men comply, submit to the reproof, and promise what we ask, 'tis all we can do; we are bound to accept their good words; but believe me, sir," said he, "whatever you may have known of the life of that man you call Will Atkin's, I believe he is the only sincere convert among them: I will not despair of the rest; but that man is apparently struck with the sense of his past life, and I doubt not, when he comes to talk of religion to his wife, he will talk himself effectually into it: for attempting to teach others is sometimes the best way of teaching ourselves.
With the news of bringing UCLA on board CEO of Convert.
When his case occurred, for 15 days all the newspapers of Italy and Europe and the world talked about the problem of apostasy and the death penalty that Islam provides for those who convert to another religion.
The engine converts gasoline's chemical energy (energy stored in chemical compounds) into mechanical energy to rotate the machine's front wheel and tow the skater.
We may eventually convert in the future although we have no plans to do so now," he said.
This article examines the Six Sigma steps of define, measure, analyze, implement and control that a team at Harrison used to convert its patterns and tooling production from green sand to nobake molding in 18 months.
In Atlanta, buildings such as the Georgian Terrace, the Ponce Apartments and the Biltmore have all seen new life, as developers have taken the risk to revitalize the older buildings and convert them into new uses.
Now if you want to take your client's table and convert it to straight text, all you do is highlight the entire table or the part you want to convert to text and go up to the Toolbar and click on Table, Convert Table to Text.
Companies that convert say it's hard to calculate all the benefits--so many happen at once.
b) provide to Continental, along with the stock certificate and stock power, a written certificate addressed to Terra Nova and signed by the Converting Stockholder to the effect that: (i) the Converting Stockholder was a holder of record as of the Record Date for purposes of the special meeting of stockholders, (ii) the Converting Stockholder has held the shares the Converting Stockholder seeks to convert since the Record Date, (iii) the Converting Stockholder will continue to hold the shares through the closing date of the merger, and (iv) the Converting Stockholder wishes to convert his shares into a pro rata share of the trust account.
It turns a lot of us off because it sounds like you're kind of pushing people around, telling them what they need and inviting them to convert to Jesus Christ.