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The developing countries were concerned with developing policies and capacity before they could introduce full capital account convertibility whereas the developed countries assumed that these would be undertaken simultaneously.
The above evidence demonstrates that, contrary to the musings of most observers, the BCRA under convertibility maintained considerable discretion, especially after 1994.
A shares and B shares markets), which was characteristic of complete market segmentation, and similar to the Chinese foreign exchange markets before partial currency convertibility.
Dowd [3] discusses the paradox of indirect convertibility by using an example where $1 notes are convertible into an amount of silver sufficient to purchase a specified quantity of gold.
It is in this backdrop that Pakistan has introduced convertibility at last from July 1, 1994.
After selling pressure on the dollar intensified and foreign central banks stepped up their demands for gold conversions, President Nixon, on August 15, 1971, suspended convertibility of dollars into gold or other reserve assets for foreign monetary authorities.
Currency convertibility is still in question, and foreign firms can repatriate only 15 percent of earnings made in Poland.
The Indian central bank is said to be planning for rupee convertibility after plans were postponed some time ago.
Kamel also said a 2014 deadline the central bank had set for the full convertibility of the Tunisian dinar was challenging.
We believe we must move towards capital account convertibility, along a road map -- the road map itself being recalibrated on a dynamic basis depending on both global and domestic developments," RBI Governor Duvvuri Subbarao told a meeting of central bankers and economists in Argentina.
The 1:1 convertibility of euro banknotes into resident euro deposits (or conversely) at Dutch banks would be suspended.
The missed payments reflect the negative impact the unsettled devaluation, which followed the end of convertibility, has had on the company's cash flow.