convertible terms

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And now, young woman," still keeping a jealous eye on the muskets which the girl had suffered to be diverted a little from their aim,--"and now, young woman, for the last, and therefore the most solemn asking: I demand of thee the surrender of this rock, without delay or resistance, in the joint names of power, of justice, and of the--" law he would have added; but recollecting that this ominous word would again provoke the hostility of the squatter's children, he succeeded in swallowing it in good season, and concluded with the less dangerous and more convertible term of "reason.
Another major advancement is a large reduction of convertible debt, and a modification of the convertible terms that are much more favorable to the company.
Holders of convertible debentures will also receive interest in accordance with the convertible terms until the day for settlement in the Offer.