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Time and the disfavor of persons dwelling thereabout are converting it into a rather picturesque ruin.
pungent epigram; the marvelous functional methods of converting a
And the missionaries for a time called it God's Witness--so great had been their success at converting the inhabitants.
On the whole, as a place of punishment, the object is scarcely gained; as a real system of reform it has failed, as perhaps would every other plan; but as a means of making men outwardly honest, -- of converting vagabonds, most useless in one hemisphere, into active citizens of another, and thus giving birth to a new and splendid country -- a grand centre of civilization -- it has succeeded to a degree perhaps unparalleled in history.
In this second attempt I had the support of several people to whom I had rendered some service, and I was backed by the members of the Communal Council, for I had appealed to their parsimonious instincts, showing them how much it cost to support the poor wretches, and pointing out how largely they might gain by converting their plots of ground (to which the idiots had no proper title) into allotments which were needed in the township.
This is the way in which the study of the one has a power of drawing and converting the mind to the contemplation of true being.
The trivial experience of every day is always verifying some old prediction to us and converting into things the words and signs which we had heard and seen without heed.
The strong-minded Lady Southdown quite agreed in both proposals of her son-in-law, and was for converting Miss Crawley off-hand.
That's the way the Spaniards came up from Mexico, building missions as they came and converting the Indians"
It began then to be perceived that Flintwinch had not been there at the time of the fall; and it began then to be perceived that he had been rather busy elsewhere, converting securities into as much money as could be got for them on the shortest notice, and turning to his own exclusive account his authority to act for the Firm.
Grimwig lifted up his head, and converting one of the hind legs of his chair into a pivot, described three distinct circles with the assistance of his stick and the table; stitting in it all the time.
NYSE:FD)(PCX:FD) today announced plans for converting six of Macy's seven Florida stores to Burdines-Macy's while closing one other in markets where Burdines and Macy's stores currently overlap.