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Overall, eight women committed AQROs, and half of these were converts.
The third to be challenged is the Church, because those converts are part of the new springtime of Christianity, in a country in which Catholicism has often become an embellishment.
D its engine converts energy at a higher rate than your body can.
They act in a pathway to convert xylose into xylitol, xylulose, and xylulose-5-phosphate, before eventually producing ethanol.
How Christian society viewed these men is also reflected in the converts' writings, and illustrates very clearly the gap that remained between the converts to Christianity and those who were born into the religion.
For American converts and for the 1 million Russians in Israel, such discrimination has created huge obstacles.
in Carle Place, Long Island, spent $23,000 to convert a large vacuum former, plus another $10,000 for installation and gas piping to the machine, and got a $9300 rebate from Long Island Lighting Co.
For some converts, the road to Catholicism begins with the liturgy.
Vatican observers point out that there is bound to be some concern when Jews convert, especially when the convert is well-known in the Jewish community.
If interest rates increase after the QBU converts to the euro and it suffers an overall economic loss on the note, no exchange gain or loss will be recognized; the built-in gain simply disappears.
Texas-based Tracor Flight Systems is looking at using its Mojave plant to convert MiG-21s into QMiG-21 remote-controlled drones.