convey information

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Since its main serious purpose, when it had one, was to convey information, the other chief dramatic principles, such as careful presentation of a few main characters and of a universally significant human struggle, were also generally disregarded.
Please convey information to the prime minister and resolve the issue," Ikraimov said.
Those who do make the call may be under stress, which affects their ability to accurately convey information.
People were also asked to convey information to Rescue 1122 or 15 in case of any unwanted incident.
Furthermore, NTDC also failed to convey information regarding constraints in its network to NEPRA.
SHO Tahir Ejaz also gave a detailed briefing to participant on the occasion and advised them to convey information to police station concerned or emergency helpline in case of noticing any dubious activity, person or article.
"As multimedia producers, our aim is to convey information in dynamic, engaging, beautiful ways.
not to prosecute individuals or exact reprisals (upon those) who convey information, opinions or ideas through the digital media.'
Their role was to convey information to the elements that carried out the kidnapping and support them, al-Turki stated He clarified that the names of all main elements leading terrorism activities in Qatif Governorate over the past years have been unveiled in the two lists of wanted persons published by the Interior Ministry; one included 23 names and the other comprised nine names.
The device, called Moment, vibrates to convey information. While phones and smart watches can send an alert by vibrating the entire device, Moment uses four motors to allow for different types of haptic feedback depending on what it is trying to say.
The goal should no longer be just teaching a good class, to simply convey information, or purely have the students enjoy the learning.
By bringing the animals, we convey information and share an experience that can't be duplicated online or in print.