convey information

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Since its main serious purpose, when it had one, was to convey information, the other chief dramatic principles, such as careful presentation of a few main characters and of a universally significant human struggle, were also generally disregarded.
49% of respondents agreed that tire tread labels are "important" or "very important" for inventory control and to convey information on tire specifications and government regulations.
The purpose of this bid is to contract with vendor(s) who will supply, deliver and print various publications that the DOE uses to convey information to schools, parents and community organizations.
Owners of hotels and guest houses were strictly advised to convey information to police immediately after noticing any dubious person carrying objectionable or illegal things.
Brain scientists in neurology, psychiatry, and other disciplines share results of their own research concerning how the timing of spikes in the nervous system can convey information, and speculate on what future research and practice might come of the findings.
I count on other neighbours to convey information and so save on the effort doing it myself.
Information transmission about giving opportunities is undermined by 'free riding' incentives - I count on other neighbours to convey information and so save on the effort of doing it myself," she added.
Researchers have studied alarm calls at the sight of predators, but a dead body could, in theory, convey information about risks too, if animals react to it.
The primary function of a road sign is to convey information quickly and as clearly as possible to travellers who may have only a few seconds to absorb it.
Images can often convey information in a way that tables of data or equations cannot match.
As presentations become more complex, multiple formats are often needed to convey information.