convey information

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Since its main serious purpose, when it had one, was to convey information, the other chief dramatic principles, such as careful presentation of a few main characters and of a universally significant human struggle, were also generally disregarded.
SHO Tahir Ejaz also gave a detailed briefing to participant on the occasion and advised them to convey information to police station concerned or emergency helpline in case of noticing any dubious activity, person or article.
Their role was to convey information to the elements that carried out the kidnapping and support them, al-Turki stated He clarified that the names of all main elements leading terrorism activities in Qatif Governorate over the past years have been unveiled in the two lists of wanted persons published by the Interior Ministry; one included 23 names and the other comprised nine names.
Farmers should convey information to officials via toll-free numbers 0800-15000, 0800-29000 or 042-99200749, 99203709 in case of any complaint.
The device, called Moment, vibrates to convey information.
The goal should no longer be just teaching a good class, to simply convey information, or purely have the students enjoy the learning.
The application must have performance measures that will allow technical users to create communication materials to convey information and recommendation to decision makers.
49% of respondents agreed that tire tread labels are "important" or "very important" for inventory control and to convey information on tire specifications and government regulations.
Brain scientists in neurology, psychiatry, and other disciplines share results of their own research concerning how the timing of spikes in the nervous system can convey information, and speculate on what future research and practice might come of the findings.
Summary: The newSabic Academy in Riyadh utilises Cayin's digital signage solutions to convey information throughout 38 LCD screens in the main [.
Researchers have studied alarm calls at the sight of predators, but a dead body could, in theory, convey information about risks too, if animals react to it.