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As the latest educational trend, the toys use fun games to convey knowledge for diverse age groups that are practical in daily settings.
or among two or more disciplines to convey knowledge or explain problems or issues.
The campaigns are a vital source to convey knowledge and techniques to detect breast cancer at an early stage.
There will be a bilingual simultaneous translation in order to convey knowledge and increase the benefit to the lecturers and audience in addition to distribution of Professor Casey's latest book: (Sustainable Leadership).
These authors are seeker-teachers, eager to convey knowledge, hope, and even grace to their seeker-readers.
He is drawn to sell real estate because of ability to convey knowledge and eagerness to satisfy his clients' needs.
Unlike many other recent studies of post-Wall film, such as The Collapse of the Conventional, edited by Jaimey Fisher and Brad Prager, that delineate a shift from the ostensibly apolitical cinema of the 1990's, which has been famously named the cinema of consensus by Eric Rentschler, Post- Wall German Cinema and National History explores a wide array of history films that include mainstream box office hits, films with smaller audiences, and television films without privileging those that convey certain aesthetic or politically innovative attitudes, arguing that they all operate on a cognitive level, and that the central concern is to identify to what extent these films convey knowledge and, in doing so, contribute to the national master narrative.
With its focus on nonfiction informational text, the Common Core Standards for Language Arts make clear the need for students to engage in texts that convey knowledge.
The objectives of the drill will not only be confined to monitoring the distributor of children's pornographic files, but will convey knowledge, exchange of expertise in evaluating the risks through observing the attitude patterns of the culprits, which help in determining the priorities of the investigation and verification," he added.
Having also practiced in government, business, and non-governmental organizations, they bring to this text a desire to convey knowledge of what "really happens on the ground.
Next, exemplar theories, in contrast, claim that concepts convey knowledge about specific members.