convey the impression

See: appear, demean
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It has been noted with concern that there are statements being issued by some office bearers of an association which might convey the impression as if this new provision of policy is being done away for all future imports.
Iran's state media has tried to convey the impression that contracts are being signed right and left with major European firms, but very few have actually been signed.
If you show up to a business meeting in a shirt that is crumpled and wrinkled, you convey the impression that the person you are meeting with isn't important.
He shows how FDR, with aide Louis Howe's help, worked tirelessly to convey the impression that though polio had robbed him of the ability to walk normally, he was still a vital and vigorous man.
However, I feel such debates convey the impression that a general election is about electing a single person not a party to form a government, and that performing well in such a debate is a good indicator of the qualities needed by a prime minister.
The reconciliation process should not seek to create equivalence between an internationally recognised Government of Afghanistan and insurgent groups, confer legitimacy to insurgent groups or convey the impression of two competing state authorities for Afghanistan, which could undermine the legitimate Afghan State, Afghan Government and the political, social and economic progress witnessed in Afghanistan over the past decade," Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said.
The scammers might convey the impression that they know you have a PC at home, but they're simply relying on the law of averages.
The drawings have a muted, sepia quality that is reminiscent of an old grainy movie and manage to convey the impression of a house alone in a wide, open space occupied by a man also alone in a wide, open space.
The government's actions convey the impression that it ( the UPA) is not at all serious about issues of accountability and corruption," says Aruna Roy in a letter to Sonia who heads the NAC.
This and other essays in the book convey the impression that there has been a gradual narrowing of the bishops' public witness, which is now associated in the public mind mostly with opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.
Bouchard Insurance previous website did not convey the impression of a highly professional organization.